Thursday, February 28, 2019

How to transfer decks from Memrise to Memorion via MemriseUtilities

I heard from a Memrise user about the soon move of user-generated content from Memrise to Decks, without access to an app and so far unknown functionality.

Memorion offers similar games than Memrise and is a full-fledged flashcard management system based around a spaced-repetition algorithm, with tons of edit and configuration possibilities.

In this post I will explain how to move content from Memrise to Memorion via MemriseUtilities. 

This route is rather easy, but it will transfer only the card texts, not the learning progress. It will also not transfer sound files, but Memorion is very good at using the Text-To-Speech engine of the device (if sound files are available, they can also be used).
I will write another blog entry using Memrise2Anki-Extension that should transfer the learning progress as well (as far as it is compatible).

  1. go to MemriseUtilities and install the script engine Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Another click installs the MemriseUtilities script.
  2. now you can go to the Deck you want to transfer and click on Word List, as explained MemriseUtilities website in 1).
  3. Mark all the text in the Course Word List as TSV and copy it to the clipboard (e.g. with Ctrl-C).

  4. Open an Editor, e.g. Notepad and paste the words with Ctrl-V.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all decks are transferred into one large Editor text.
  6. Now save this text, e.g. as Memrise.txt.
    Important: is has to be done with the encoding 'UTF-8', otherwise non-ASCII characters will have problems. In Notepad  this can be changes next to the Save button in the Save dialog.

  7. Email this file to your Android device.
  8. On your device open the email and View the attachment. Memorion will open automatically and allows you to import. Make sure that the 'Last field per line is (sub)stack name' checkbox is checked. Otherwise your cards are not distributed into the respective substacks.

  9. Now you have transferred all the cards. The will be in the stack 'Memrise'.

  10. The next step is to configure the imported stacks. For this select a stack and click Configure (bottom right on above figure). You can configure the languages of the text fields, asking direction, appearance of the card, the way cards are asked for and much more. In Expert configurator you have more possibilities. For more details look at the extensive help system of Memorion.

    Keep in mind that most properties will be inherited to stacks below, so you don't have to configure each stack. Also in Expert mode, you can also select multiple stacks at once and configure them together.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Review on

Memorion received a very positive review on SprachHeld. is a very popular language learning blog in Germany, with many resources, interviews and tips.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Memorion 6.1 - 6.2.5 have been released

Dear Memorion users,

as always I am a bit behind with the blog since my time is taken up by developing new features and fixing bugs!

Version 6.1: this release improves the optic of Memorion:

  • a new night mode with dark cards reduced the glare in dark environments
  • nicer animations for Beginners in the ItemList 
  • improved reading of cards
  • a ton of bug fixes
Version 6.2:

  • improve the Tablet experience by better adapting font sizes, allowing more information on the screen etc.
  • improve the landscape experience (important especially for tablets): new layouts for many page make better use of screen, landscape card theme
Version 6.2.5: incorporates some user feedback that didn't make it into 6.2

  • more functions working on searched or filtered card lists
  • improved animations in MatchEm and PickOne etc.
And now I hopefully have the time to finalize the 6.5 release with a lot of  LanguageWizard related improvements!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Version 6.0.0 has been released

After doing a lot of work in the background during the last months (and parallel to the regular updates) version 6 is finally ready!

the main improvements are:

  • Auto-Read: during my studying of Turkish and the three Baltic languages I realized, how important oral learning is, especially if you are learning words difficult to pronounce. Therefore by default Memorion is reading the foreign Question or Answer to you automatically, you don't need to tap the speaker icon. This is now used to configure the automatic reading.
  • cards can have Links to cite each other
  • GenderMe: a game to practice articles/genders of nouns
  • JustListen: just play the text of the Question and Answer to you, ideal to repeat stuff hands-free (and optionally eyes-free, you can switch the device off to save battery) while driving, cooking, in bed...
  • Listen: in ExpertMode the game JustListen can be started directly from the ItemList page. When all the bugs and difficulties with all the different devices, TTS engines have been solved, this will become also available in BeginnersMode
  • card in 2 new languages for the LanguageWizard: Latin and Czech (thanks Evar and Przemek !)
  • you can adapt the learning algorithm to the difficulty of your cards 
and many small things

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Memorion 5.80 has been released

This Update focuses on how to document your Play efforts better:

  • at the end of each game you get the percentage of correct answers
  • the main Play page shows all the games you have played today (and how well)
  • the ItemList page shows the number of correct answers as a bar graph (long-tap on Statistics, if not currently shown)
v5.81: a few bugfixes, mostly certain usual play configurations

Monday, August 10, 2015

Memorion v5.70 is released

Version 5.70 is mostly about to make the start for new users smoother.

The idea of the Smiley-Man bubbles is that that would tell you what the next step to do is on a give page is or what the most important functions are. As if I was sitting on your side, helping you along. And that's how the idea for this help was born: me watching new users sitting beside me and helping them to get started.
Tell me if it's working or if you need more/other help!

Versions 5.72-5.73: bugfixes (I prepare a big update in the background and some bugs have leaked through)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Memorion 5.60 has been released

Again, I didn't manage to keep the Blog up with the rate of the program updates, my bad!

v5.60 new Smiley-Man help, to give starters a few hints, what to do next.

v5.50: the first videos:
     the concept: Friends of Memorion (FoM), to help share you experience with others

v5.40: while playing, Memorion keeps track, which cards should played more often
           more Cartoon tutorials

v5.30: you can now search for friend cards (cards with (partially) overlapping content). There is more to come in future updates...