Privacy Policy

Why does Memorion use certain permissions:

  • Photos/Media/Files: needed to make backups, read and save stacks, store images on cards (so you don't have to download each time you see the corresponding card)
  • Microphone: used for three functions:
  1. on the CardView page: record audio for cards to play when you see them. This is great to have a native speaker give you native recording of the pronunciations. 
  2. on the CardView page: dictate the answer in several different AnswerModes
  3. on the CardEdit page: dictate text (optimized speech-to-text) 
  • Full network access / View network connections: needed for many things, like accessing Quizlet and SuperMemo, searching for images, using GoogleTranslate
Memorion is using the following relevant libraries:

  • Crashlytics: in case of crashes, this library sends me a report of where in the code the crash happened; essential to get the the bugs out; you can help me by (voluntarily) putting your email address into the Expert mode Preferences / General / Email Address. This way I can contact you in case I have questions about the circumstances. Otherwise, this is completely anonymous. 
  • Firebase: allows me to see which functions of Memorion are used, so I can put the focus of the development where it is needed. Also I can see how many users I have where in the world. This is a great source of motivation for me! Again, this is completely anonymous. If you don't like it, you can Opt-out in the Expert mode Preferences / General / Program Feedback 
Memorion, optional use of email address:
  1. if you add your email address voluntarily into the Preferences / General / Email Address, crash reports send to me will include this email address. This way I can ask, if I need more information about the crash circumstances
  2. if you submit a bug in the help texts, you can voluntarily add you email address to the mail to allow me to answer
  3. if you want to upload a stack to the Memorion Library use must provide an email address to allow feedback from the developer and the users using your stacks.

Memorion, MemorionSoft and Volker Westphal (the developer) have no interest in your personal data and and the microphone will only be used for the function mentioned above.

This is a hobby of mine and I enjoy the positive feedback of the users from all over the world.

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  1. Wie kann ich bitte meine eigene Kartei Karten importieren. Zb. Von mein Schulbücher.