Bug Reports

If Memorión is not doing something as it should, if there glitches or even crashes: please report them here, in such a way that I can reproduce and fix them. This helps everyone.


  1. I have two stacks of cards, both of type "Advanced Language", both with "Native Language (in #1): German" and "Foreign Language (in #2): French)" and "Direction: FR>>DE".

    Both contain different substacks with words of different units. When I edit cards in the substack of the first main stack, the card editor dialog shows a small button right of the "Article" field with a male/female icon. In the other main stack (which has the same settings as the first main stack), the "Article" field has no button.

    The button itself isn't the problem, but I noticed that in the stack without that male/female article button, the article for nouns is not read out loud, only the noun itself.
    In the stack with the male/female button, the articles are read before the nouns.

    Is there a way to make the male/female button appear in the card editor? Or at least make Memorion read out the article if it is given?

    Thanks a lot for this nice app!

  2. I am unable to export my Anki deck to Memorion

  3. Notifications do not appear, but "friendly reminder" is activated. Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8 (Latest and last Stock for S7).

  4. If you choose "portuguese" you get brasilian portuguese.
    But you can also choose the different language "brasilian"?
    It doesn't make sense

  5. I am using Memorión on a Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J730F) with Android 9.

    When I try to export the DB or a part of it to the "default Memorión folder" it seems to work because I can see the different backups in the Backup folder... but out of the app, I can't see this default folder on my SD card (even with Windows explorer when my smartphone is conneced to my PC)! So, I can't get a text export, and I can't import anything: excel files, text files, or even additional backups sent to my email thru sharing! At least the way it was supposed to work...

    All I could do was to "Export to SD Card" and actually chose the Download folder in internal memory, and similarly to import from this download folder. But it's not really a good solution.