Thursday, May 16, 2019

How to transfer Decks from Memrise to Memorion via a simple Share

I heard from a Memrise user about the soon move of user-generated content from Memrise to Decks, without access to an app and so far unknown functionality.

Memorion offers similar games than Memrise and is a full-fledged flashcard management system based around a spaced-repetition algorithm, with tons of edit and configuration possibilities.

In this post I will explain how to move content from Memrise to Memorion directly, without the need for other programs/tools

This route is rather easy, but it will transfer only the card texts, not the learning progress. It will also not transfer sound files, but Memorion is very good at using the Text-To-Speech engine of the device (if sound files are available, they can also be used).
Transferring the learning progress has been beyond my reach so far, since I have not found out a way to obtain this information. If any of the Memrise users knows how to access it, please let me know and will do my best to make it available to everyone.
  1. Start the Memrise or the Decks website on the browse on your Android device. The tutorial is based on Chrome, but should work with any browser.
  2. Go to the Deck you want to transfer

  3. In the top-right you tap on Share

  4. Of the possible options to share with, choose Memorion and the app will start (if you have shared with Memorion before you can also tap on the small Memorion icon in the list).
  5. Check, if you want to have the imported levels numbered (guaranties there order) and tap OK.

  6. The next step is to configure the imported stacks. For this select the imported stack and click Configure (bottom right on above figure).

  7. You can configure the languages of the text fields, asking direction, appearance of the card, the way cards are asked for and much more. In Expert configurator you have more possibilities. For more details look at the extensive help system of Memorion.
    Keep in mind that most properties will be inherited to the stacks below, so you don't have to configure each stack. Also in Expert mode, you can also select multiple stacks at once and configure them together.
  8. Configured list: Configured card:
  9. Done