Memorión Features

Memorión is the ultimate flashcard program based on an advanced spaced-repetition-algorithm, 10 to 50 times more efficient than traditional paper flash cards.

Use Memorión when you want to be serious about flashcard learning, really love your cards and edit/reorganize them on the go.
If you have any comments, suggestions or issues, just use

• Built-in  flash cards in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Brazilian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegean, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Hindi, Nepali, Swahili, Chinese, each with ~700 words, >180 combinations
• True multi-directional learning
• Millions of card stacks from Quizlet, StudyStack, and SuperMemo
• 14 different charts to document your learning progress and to predict future workload
• Awards to keep you motivated
• Import PalmOS SuperMemo and AnyMemo databases fully
• Import cards from MS Word or Excel
Fully integrated dictionaries from the Open Dictionary API Alliance (Pons, SlovoEd, etc.)
• Support for Google Translate, Pons and Leo online, ColorDict, and 100+ other dictionaries from Langenscheidt, VOX etc.
• Up to 8 text fields per card (to use for gender, examples, extra images, web links etc.)
• Wizards for image searches, photos, audio recording and translations
• Color-coding of genders
Whiteboard, keyboard and audio-recording to self-check your answers
• Math display via LaTeX
• 'Undo' last answer
• 3 user modes help you to progress from an easy start to the fully featured program
• Designed for large databases (I have >20 000 cards in mine), with multi-level sub-categories
• Equal or similar cards are linked, with mutual updating
• Functions to reorganize stacks and cards
• Card searching, filtering, and sorting
• Optimized gestures for single-handed use, to repeat cards while walking
• Dozens of gestures for power-users (faster access, more functions)
• Context sensitive help on every page, cross-linked help pages on many topics


  1. A Great App. It takes some time to get used to it but then it is convincing.

  2. Wo kann man zu Memorión Fragen stellen, Hilfe bekommen?

    1. Vermutlich hier...
      Ist jedoch ein Nischenprodukt, dessen muss man sich bewusst sein.

  3. Vielleicht findet sich noch jemand der step-by-step Tutorials für weniger versierte Handynutzer erstellt?

  4. When I watch movie or series on desktop computer I wish to add word or phrase to my vocabulary to learn later. Is there web version to do it easily?