Monday, September 21, 2015

Version 6.0.0 has been released

After doing a lot of work in the background during the last months (and parallel to the regular updates) version 6 is finally ready!

the main improvements are:

  • Auto-Read: during my studying of Turkish and the three Baltic languages I realized, how important oral learning is, especially if you are learning words difficult to pronounce. Therefore by default Memorion is reading the foreign Question or Answer to you automatically, you don't need to tap the speaker icon. This is now used to configure the automatic reading.
  • cards can have Links to cite each other
  • GenderMe: a game to practice articles/genders of nouns
  • JustListen: just play the text of the Question and Answer to you, ideal to repeat stuff hands-free (and optionally eyes-free, you can switch the device off to save battery) while driving, cooking, in bed...
  • Listen: in ExpertMode the game JustListen can be started directly from the ItemList page. When all the bugs and difficulties with all the different devices, TTS engines have been solved, this will become also available in BeginnersMode
  • card in 2 new languages for the LanguageWizard: Latin and Czech (thanks Evar and Przemek !)
  • you can adapt the learning algorithm to the difficulty of your cards 
and many small things