Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memorión v4.50 has been released

This time I worked pretty hard on new plots.

The most important one is the daily Progress Report with smileys:

The type of smiley tells you how diligent were that day, the halo changes its color depending on how many day you have been using Memorión w/o break (up to royal purple, even I have not reach it, yet).

But  I also added 7 more plots to the statistics page, telling you how many games you have played, how many cards studied, the maturation progress and more.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Memorion v4.30 is released

This update adds functions to Copy/Paste/Swap etc configurations in ExpertConfig.

There are also a couple of bugfixes.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Memorión v4.20 is released

The stack configuration page had been very powerful, but it was too complicated, especially for newcomers.

Therefore Memorión has a new Simple Config page for the most basic needs, like changing the asking direction, the languages for the different fields, how many new cards to learn every day.

Meanwhile the old configuration page changed to the Expert Config page, the wizards being vastly simplified, a more compact layout and a fixed preview row to see all changes directly in action.

v4.21: fixed a small oversight for tablets, sorry for that (the feature to go to the configuration page directly from the card view was too last minute to be fully tested...)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Memorión 4.10 released

This version brings a feature I am thinking about since two years: Multiple-Choice (MC) cards

MC is easier than regular active recall, therefore its main purpose in Memorión is as a last resort for difficult cards (either manually or after too many lapses). But there also some categories of cards that benefit genuinely, like cards asking for images, photos and formulas.

Working on the CardEdit page, I also revamped the answer modes using the keyboard and the whiteboard, such that, when learning new cards, there is a feedback while typing and a copy mode to get the answer right.

All these answer modes can be pre-selected per stack, allowing e.g. the Hindi stacks to always show the whiteboard and for you to type the French stack with all these accents...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Memorión v4.00

And brings with it a whole new way to learn and study cards:

Card Games 
So far, there are 6 different games implemented, focusing on different aspects of passive and active memorization. There are various multiple-choice scenarios like 1-on-n, n-on-n, based on text and acoustic understanding. Special training to learn numbers. Hang-Man, you name it.
All with statistics (more to come), different levels, different selections of cards to play with.

Have as much fun with it as I and my beta-testers do.

This is really a second leg to learn stuff, repeat it before an exam, just spend some extra free time to practice your cards.
No need to commit cards (but it probably works even better on committed cards).


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memorión v3.40 is out

Hi everyone. 
This new update include ways to more actively recall your answer using a whiteboard, a keyboard or audio recordings. On the answer side of the card you can compare your answer with the correct one. 
I was thinking about the whiteboard for some time now. But it was Samantha's suggestion to be able to type the answer that let me think: What the heck, let's implement it.
Also I would like to thank Serkan to take his precious time to translate the flashcards to Turkish. I am very grateful.
BTW, if you are native of a language not supported by the LanguageWizard and know German and/or English well: If you are interested in helping me with a new translation, contact me (, it would be really great! It would mean to translate an Excel sheet column into another, normally a few hours of work.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Memorión v3.30 is out

This release mostly aims to smooth the user experience, especially around the concept of committing cards.
There is one more plot, showing the forget rate as a function of the previous interval.
Also I incorporated many bug reports and fixed a bunch of small things.

In the background I am working on version 4 (since finishing v3.00). But depending on how smoothly things are progressing there might be a further intermediate release. We will see...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Triple Gold Award

Hi everyone, one of my older stacks reached three golden stars today, that means >3000 days average interval...
It will take awhile until the other stacks will follow, nevertheless I am happy.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Memorión v3.20 is out

This version brings 4 more plots on the Statistics Page, improvements in the Text-To-Speech handling and many more small things.

I tend to review in the morning.

Slagging leads to worse answers.

Cards I known I answer quickly, forgotten cards take longer