Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memorión v3.40 is out

Hi everyone. 
This new update include ways to more actively recall your answer using a whiteboard, a keyboard or audio recordings. On the answer side of the card you can compare your answer with the correct one. 
I was thinking about the whiteboard for some time now. But it was Samantha's suggestion to be able to type the answer that let me think: What the heck, let's implement it.
Also I would like to thank Serkan to take his precious time to translate the flashcards to Turkish. I am very grateful.
BTW, if you are native of a language not supported by the LanguageWizard and know German and/or English well: If you are interested in helping me with a new translation, contact me (, it would be really great! It would mean to translate an Excel sheet column into another, normally a few hours of work.