Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Memorion 5.80 has been released

This Update focuses on how to document your Play efforts better:

  • at the end of each game you get the percentage of correct answers
  • the main Play page shows all the games you have played today (and how well)
  • the ItemList page shows the number of correct answers as a bar graph (long-tap on Statistics, if not currently shown)
v5.81: a few bugfixes, mostly certain usual play configurations

Monday, August 10, 2015

Memorion v5.70 is released

Version 5.70 is mostly about to make the start for new users smoother.

The idea of the Smiley-Man bubbles is that that would tell you what the next step to do is on a give page is or what the most important functions are. As if I was sitting on your side, helping you along. And that's how the idea for this help was born: me watching new users sitting beside me and helping them to get started.
Tell me if it's working or if you need more/other help!

Versions 5.72-5.73: bugfixes (I prepare a big update in the background and some bugs have leaked through)