Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Memorion 6.1 - 6.2.5 have been released

Dear Memorion users,

as always I am a bit behind with the blog since my time is taken up by developing new features and fixing bugs!

Version 6.1: this release improves the optic of Memorion:

  • a new night mode with dark cards reduced the glare in dark environments
  • nicer animations for Beginners in the ItemList 
  • improved reading of cards
  • a ton of bug fixes
Version 6.2:

  • improve the Tablet experience by better adapting font sizes, allowing more information on the screen etc.
  • improve the landscape experience (important especially for tablets): new layouts for many page make better use of screen, landscape card theme
Version 6.2.5: incorporates some user feedback that didn't make it into 6.2

  • more functions working on searched or filtered card lists
  • improved animations in MatchEm and PickOne etc.
And now I hopefully have the time to finalize the 6.5 release with a lot of  LanguageWizard related improvements!!


  1. Really find this app useful and a good memory aid!! Thanks heaps! Would lice to see voice added to swahili language so I could hear the words pronounced as well!

  2. Hello! Thank you for your hard work. Unfortunately, the app is no longer available on PlayStore. Where can I download it?